​Don’t Blend in Business, Be Different!Advice today (and tomorrow) Don’t blend in your business, be different!Are you fed up seeing your competition seemingly surge ahead of you online?Are you still trying to figure out

​Are you in my 1% of clients? are you in my top 1% of clients?If you, like me, seem to spend endless hours planning out, writing, recording and posting on social media it can

​Are you withholding your genius from clients?Are you withholding your genius from Clients?Each and every one of us has natural talents, skills and ability that we take for granted on a daily basis. Often

Have an interesting point of view to stand out from the crowd I have spoken before about the issue of being ‘too vanilla’ in your business, its a problem if you just blend in

Selling from Soul equals ‘souled’ out programmes Many coaches I speak to are still afraid of the process of selling to their clients. They tell me they feel pushy, awkward, especially when it comes

Do you have quality conversations with your clients? When was the last time you actually had quality conversations with clients online? Have you got obsessed with constantly posting on social media to be seen

Nobody ever hires a cheap expert! Are you currently facing the fact that you seem to only attract a certain kind of client? You know the ones; they show up late, pay late, make

The Conscious Coach Crossroads Do you feel like you are wasting your time and effort finding quality clients on social media?Do you know deep inside you have something a real worth to share with

Are You dedicated to being fully Visible and Viable in your business?Revealed the 6 top mistakes coaches make onlineVisibility seems to be the buzz word on social media at the moment. You’ve got to

 Soul Reminders Matter1st September 1997 a day that is indelibly etched in my mind and heart. That was the day when I reached a turning point in my life.See up until then my sales