Soul Reminders Matter

1st September 1997 a day that is indelibly etched in my mind and heart. That was the day when I reached a turning point in my life.

See up until then my sales career had been ticking along nicely, all the perks and bonuses, travel, top clients nice lifestyle but ultimately something felt missing.
Despite all the material spoils, I felt empty. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was missing but knew intuitively something had to change.


September 1st was a strange day, I couldn’t focus on work that day, I couldn’t even prize myself off the sofa, my eyes were glued to the TV and in between sobbing uncontrollably and watching the news about the death of Princess Diana, a woman who I admired, as someone who truly knew how to lead with heart and soul to help others.
I had that nagging feeling raise its’s head again and I knew – It was time to make that personal change for me there was bigger work in the World to do than flog sticky tape!

I knew I could no longer continue selling my soul to the corporate hustle devil, driving 45000 miles a year to earn my living,endless and often pointless meetings, extremely exhausted at the end of each week, this was no way to live. I had to do something in life that helped others as in that moment I on my couch, I felt powerless. Do something, take action my heart said.

That was the day the decision was made.

So I drove to the gates of Althrop House, Diana’s ancestral home. I stood in line, I left a white rose and drove home knowing my soul work was just beginning.

“Help others, do something useful and transformative, that’s the way forward”. This was my first soul download.

So that’s what I did, the work has evolved over time but I have always helped others with my work, often through stressful times in their lives.

Last night I watched a TV documentary about that week back in 1997, it reminded me, it’s time once again, time to help the next group of soul seekers, soul speakers and change-makers. Soul reminders do matter.

So if your soul has been nudging you over the past few months I am here to remind you its time to take action too. Soul Reminders Matter.

Don’t keep your genius a secret, let others know how you can help them, Don’t allow fear and judgement to get in the way.

Life can be unexpected short, so live each day to its fullest as best you can and if you need to speak your truth to change the status quo, its time to wake up and do it.  Soul Reminders Matter.

If you are worried about what to say or do next to help others with their transformational journeys, I am running a Free 5 day Accelerator -Speak from your Soul. Remember Soul Reminders Matter and that includes yours.

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