Do you have quality conversations with your clients?

Have quality conversations with your clients

When was the last time you actually had quality conversations with clients online?

Have you got obsessed with constantly posting on social media to be seen and heard, all to very little avail and only to end up exhausted disillusioned and frustrated with your efforts?

Hours wasted posting for the sake of it, hoping someone will stumble across your page, your questions or your comments.

There seems to be some crazy school of thought that suggests we should post any old stuff to get engagement, but I disagree in posting nonsense that is not linked to your area of expertise.

I often see the same old questions in the news stream, questions and mantras that make no sense, are just copy cat, show no originality and don’t showcase you as a business owner.

Those crappy inane nonsense questions like:

  •  What’s your favourite colour today? 
  • What are you doing this evening/weekend?
  • What did you have for your dinner?
  • Gin or Wine
  • Gimme a woo hoo if you are happy!!

    Such mindless drivel in my opinion! and often it feels weird and stalker-ish to ask such questions of strangers…..

    Wouldn’t it be much better to engage in a quality conversation?

    One that not only served your audience in some way and also showcased your work instead of idle social gossip and crappy posts.

    Lets be more thought provoking, enticing, and engaging with audiences, after all if they follow you page, you owe to them to demonstrate your value and entertain them.

    So what is are quality conversations with your clients?

They are the ones that engage with your potential and existing clients to cause them to pause and contemplate what you have to say. A conversation starter that shows you understand them, their situation, their current dilemma, a place they feel stuck currently. Then offer them solutions as you respond and open the conversation further

It differs from all the other ‘me too’ posts doing the rounds, helps you stand out from the crowd as a front runner in your niche.

It provides value to them

Gives them key insights

A new way of thinking about an existing problem

Provides a safe and supportive place to express their thoughts

A story that triggers them to act and change

Invites them to comment and engage and share their opinions and experiences.

Creating more quality conversations with clients has other benefits:

They are more fulfilling
They provide extreme value
They keep you on purpose with your passion at work
They show you are human
They demonstrate your wisdom with a wider audience.

So next time you rush to post, stop and contemplate, think what is the next quality conversation I can instigate with my clients? You will be glad you did!

About the Author Jacqui T

Imposter Syndrome Mentor/ Author/ Celebrant

Energy Alignment Expert, Human Design Interpreter, Akashic Record Reader, NLP Master, Holistic Health Wise woman all about Authenticity, Alignment and Abundant Excellence

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