Imposter Syndrome mentor specialising in enabling Female Entrepreneurs to finally outwit raging imposter syndrome especially when its preventing them going next level in business - Get ready to Re-emerge as the Real YOU!

It's NOT just about your mindset and strategy in business.
Discover the 3 key elements: Your Energy, Your Authenticity and Your Soul Purpose. I'll help you enthuse and infuse all 3 into your work

Jacqui Tillyard Imposter Syndrome Mentor

When imposter syndrome takes over your life you feel totally stuck, you may need the help of an imposter syndrome mentor like me. 
Are you feeling like an Imposter with your work?  

Key issues
Has work pressure made you begin to doubt your ability?

You get overwhelmed, struggle to keep up with trends & targets. You worry they will find out your just aren't up to the job, you feel like a fraud.
You don't know who you are any longer, who is the authentic you? You may feel judged by others, you have tried to fit in and you are fed up of pretending.

Key issues
Feeling stressed, doubtful and wondering how to get out of this funk?

Stress has caused you sleepless nights, the strain is now showing, the endless worry is problematic and as a result your energy levels have plummeted like your results. You feel worn out, exhausted and lack lustre

Key issues
Has your confidence hit rock bottom compared to where it once was?

The once sparkly savvy you feels insignificant, and lacking confidence to get visible, yet she still has a desire to create impact, shifts and transformations in her business that will propel it to the next level.
If only you could regain your confidrence and spark

Key issues
Is your inner imposter is sabotaging your success?

That little voice in your head that tells you that you are not good enough, qualified enough or connected enough has stopped you one too many times! Now you are ready to tell it to 'do one' for good.

Key issues
Do you worry you will burnout by pushing too hard to get to the next level?

Your lack of sleep, over efforting, people pleasing is creating total wiped out feeling that concerns you. You fear getting burntout through doing too much, trying to be all things to all people. What might happen if you grow and can't cope with it all?

Key issues
Have You lost direction, focus and momentum to achieve results?

You have a nagging suspicion that something is missing, that vital spark which if you connected to it would make major miracles happen going forwards. But right now you can't quite identify what is missing. Now you are ready to rediscover the magic and put the purpose and passion back into your business 

The time has come to finally let go of all these issues, its time to re-emerge as the real confident you!  

Imposter syndrome mentor

The time has come to step back into Authentic Alignment at Work, you need never doubt your ability, capacity or impact ever again  Rediscover - Clarity, Certainty, Confidence, & Credibility by Choice

As a woman with the wisdom of experience and a certain know how to Transform, I know I can help you rediscover the real you so you can achieve the results and the outcomes that you really want. I was once in your shoes, and I know what to do to rapidly improve the situation for you. 

My Areas of Genius

So what are my genius zones that might help you? 

Mentor, Speaker, Author, Resistant Energy Shifting Ninja, Intuitive Nudges

Energetic AlignmentMindset, Authenticity with Human Design, Akashic Soul Purpose Aligned Insights

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With over 30 years in business,
I am a qualified Energy Alignment Mentor, business coach and NLP Master Trainer.
My specialism comes from blending practical business strategy with energy alignment and Mindset to shift that inner imposter and propel you back to your greatness    

Human Design

Want to discover exactly what makes you authentic and unique?
I can interpret your Human Design Chart to pinpoint exactly where your magic lies so you can apply it to your business daily. You never have to pretend to be you ever again

Akashic Records

Would you love to run a business that feels soul led? Using the information from your Akashic Records, we can access higher self guidance to help you find that missing piece and put you back on purpose in all areas of your life.

Professional Speaker

I have spoken to many audiences, I am a professional speaker and celebrant, I can help  you overcome speaker nerves, issues around visibility and if you need to me to guest expert or speak at your event, I may be able to help there too.

Jacqui Tillyard Imposter Syndrome expert

How to work with me

1-2-1  VIP Elite Progrogamme Mentoring

Confidential, private and personal to you. Over a 6 month timefram, we work together virtually to help you create the transformations you really desire in your business.

Destined for Success Club - Join the Movement

Exclusive club membership to access monthly modules of training, coaching and support within a fun, friendly and fabulous portal.

Human Design and Akashic Record Readings

Get to know yourself profoundly and on a soulful level in all areas of your life. Rediscover your divine blueprint for life with these personal reading sessions to help you excel in your business. 

Read my Books

If you don't want to participate in programmes and clubs, why not read the books, I have written a few - here is the link to access them.

What my Clients Say

Sara Wisniewski

Business Coach

Hi Jacqui, I just wanted to say a big thank you for our session last week. I’m amazed at what we achieved in such a small time. My energy has shifted so notable and I’m continuing to tap in to that. It was easy and so eye opening what we uncovered. I can wait to see what I can achieve now I’ve left the negative energy behind me. X

Sisse Garfield Lund


I just simply MUST recommend this wonderful and gifted woman – and beautiful soul!  
I had the most transforming session with Jacqui  

Check her out, if you are in need of loving and highly professional assistance in removing energy blocks and getting into flow!   
THANK YOU, Jacqui!

Wendy Sherwood


Amazing, from feeling stuck and invisible to within 30 minutes of working on my energy with you, I received the opportunity for a new client and to work with a local charity who I had been trying to work with for a long time. I cannot believe how quickly results happen once you shift frequency with the energy work