Feeling Like an Imposter at Work?

  • Have you felt under pressure at work, so much that you have begun to doubt your own ability?
  • Is imposter syndrome taking over your life?
  • Feeling stressed, doubtful and wondering what the future holds?

Don’t allow that pressure to bring you to the point of burn out, its a costly experience!

If you need to reconnect with your certainty, confidence and credibility at work, that is where I can help you.

Its just a question of getting into authentic alignment with yourself, your words and your work.
Get your true talents more visible, valuable and irresistible at work.

As a Woman with the Wisdom of Experience and Know How to Transform I know I can get your the results and the outcomes you are seeking. I was once in your shoes, and I know what to do to rapidly improve the situation fast. ​

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Authenticity Alignment Expert, Overcome Imposter Syndrome, Speaker & Mentor

Authentic Alignment at Work
Never doubt your ability ever again
Certainty, Confidence, & Credibility by Choice


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Soul led Life purpose mentoringYour Confidentiality is key at all times. I know you may prefer to focus purely on Your Own personal situation – That is why I offer VIP One-2-One mentoring

If like me you prefer to just focus on your own journey and prefer to work 1-2-1 with a mentor rather than join a group programme, I offer Private VIP Sessions and Programmes to get you results rapidly. I offer all clients  a Discovery Session to see if we are a good fit to work together and to answer any questions you may have.

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A Personal Letter to You

Dear Career Woman,

Are you at a critical point in your career where you have begun to second guess, self dount and feel a bit of an imposter in the work place?

This is a heartfelt message from one Someone who has already been in your shoes and survived some very tough times.

I want to tell you  “ Its time!” That moment when you have been called to sort out the stress, the self doubt and that ever present imposter syndrome you are currently battling. It’s time to take back control, choose self empowerment and step back into a new era when your confidence, certainty and credibility shine at work.
Its time to start feeling authentic, no more pretending and trying to people please. You can  feel fulfilled, once again excited about your contribution at work in a much bigger way.

For the past year whilst you may have experienced the effects of the ‘The Big Pause’ from the outside World, you have had time to reflect, to go within; it’s been great hasn’t it? Time to reconsider what is truly a priority for you and what your next steps might be.

Maybe that little voice in your head, the one with that magic message you want to share has been gradually going from a weenie whisper to a loud shout?

That’s why I am saying to you, ‘It is NOW time’, you have to share your wisdom. Stop hiding, stop hesitating, stop pretending. WE NEED TO SEE THE REAL YOU AT WORK.

Before all the ‘lockdowns’ began you put off sharing your genius, after all who would take any notice of ‘little old you’, the one who just works from home, lacking the confidence and charisma, not feeling you have the courage to step up and be counted! You imagined people saying ‘Who does she think she is?’
You struggled to see exactly how you might overcome the self dount, the overwhelm and the stress of striving at work.

You may have put up with working with the same old clients, feeling uninspired, doing the same old thing, not feeling like you made a big enough difference. You are fixed with a set limit of satisfaction and income. At the end of each week, you felt drained, uninspired and thinking ‘what’s next?’ ‘I have to change’.

Then the Big Global Change happened!

So you really don’t want to continue feeling this way do you?

You have to stop the sabotage. Here’s why……..

Spiritual Shift is Here NOW

The World so needs you right now, you cannot hide any longer, your wisdom and genius are required for The Great Global Shift. I know you have words and actions to wake up more souls in the World. Your work is of high quality and it can have a massive impact with the right people.

Deep down you know your message needs to impact your  colleagues and your clients, you know you have a great message of hope, renewal and transformation but you are too nervous, fearful or doubting about your ability to deliver it, your courage to express it and the impact it might create.

Are you resisting the urge to go for the next promotion or to step up,  speak up and sell?

Think of it as sharing and serving instead, it makes a difference that way.

The trouble is right now you feel too scared to make the next move don’t you?
You lack self-trust and confidence and it is keeping you stuck isn’t it?

Your fear is getting in the way! Those fearful thoughts like:

What if I am ridiculed for speaking out
Who am I to be the expert in my sector
What if they think I am a fraud!
What if they don’t like me
What if they won’t pay those prices
Where the hell can I  be seen and heard
What if I lose business
What if people think I am mad
What if I stumble
What if I make a fool of myself
What if I am wrong

You worry about:

Not feeling confident enough to speak to a bigger clients
Not looking professional
Not knowing how best to pitch and present your message
How to craft a message that hits the spot

In the past you have felt frustrated with:

Not being seen by the right people
Not being heard
Not being taken seriously
Not working with your perfect clients
Not earning your true worth
Not making the impact you desired

What you really desire is:

To be heard
Make an impact and contribute in a bigger way
Potentially be ‘Ted Talk’ Ready
Confident to present and speak eloquently with ease and grace
Influence many more to create the shifts in their lives that your wisdom teaches.
Reach a wider global audience
Reach better quality clients
Be seen as the go to person on your topic
Be a catalyst and create positive change in the world

If this message resonates with you, we need to talk and fast; I am ready to help you get back on track, let go of your inner imposter and release that bright shining spark of genius within you.

Don’t put off owning your ‘Truth Tale’, it’s time to step up out of ‘the old norm’. Conscious Leaders know when their time has come and yours has just arrived. Call me today.

Jo Gould -“ Your session with me blew me away ~ you were amazing and cleared my energy super fast! I have a better idea of my life purpose direction now. You are so talented……. Thanks for helping me…..”


 ” Hi Jacqui, I just wanted to say a big thank you for our session last week. I’m amazed at what we achieved in such a small time. My energy has shifted so notable and I’m continuing to tap in to that. It was easy and so eye opening what we uncovered. I can wait to see what I can achieve now I’ve left the negative energy behind me. X

Sara W – ex corporate manager now Solopreneur


“I just simply MUST recommend this wonderful and gifted woman – and beautiful soul!
I had the most transforming session with Jacqui  yesterday!
Check her out, if you are in need of loving and highly professional assistance in removing energy blocks and getting into flow!  
THANK YOU, Jacqui!

Sisse Garfield Lund

My Story

Savvy, Practical, Wise, Witty & Intuitive
I’m a Authentic Alignment Mentor, I am a ninja at shifting stuck energy, emotions and negative thought patterns.
If you are feeling trapped, stuck and like an imposter at work, I am probably the answer to your prayers right now! 
I will help you reconnect to see your personal value so you can easily demonstrate that at work, learn how to create impact by just being you with total authenticity and integrity.
I coach my clients to see their true talent, be authentic at all times and get past any limits that have held them back mentally, emotionally and physically especially at work. If you are scared to speak up, express yourself or sell with ease, then you found the right mentor.
I have a whole raft of experience and expertise across corporate sales life, supporting small businesses start ups, and I am an accredited holistic/energetic wellbeing expert for mind, body and soul. I’m a passionate performer speaking regularly to audiences live and online.
I work with a global audience of heart centred leaders providing mentoring and sharing insights and practical guidance so they can be bold enough to tell their truth tales, their story of inspiration and transformation.
Many clients come to me because they have experience self doubt at work, they feel stressed, overwhelmed and often unable to cope as a result.
My focus is enabling clients to shift their energetic resistance first so they can fully embrace who they are, what their value is, so work need never be problematic again. Learning to speak from a space of  authentic aligned conversation with their clients, and colleagues can be done with ease.
I am wise, intuitive, and an astute mentor, able to help you to be more in flow, confidence, certain, credible and excited about sharing your key work. I can help you feel more connected, on purpose in the work place.
My superpower is not just conversing and selling with ease, but I also have the innate knack of getting to the heart of your issues fast. I shift energy fast, hence my reputation as an energy shifting ninja! I will help you to get past the fear, lack of confidence that stops you being visible and valuable at work. My ‘no nonsense’ approach ensures you will obtain better results faster.
Sessions with me are super focused, help you to shift fast, gain clarity with certainty and confidence. You can then be more of who you were really meant to be.
My style is calm, open and direct and it will enable and empower you to make the energetic changes necessary. I will hold the space for you to transform you fully at your capacity.
I really get your struggle right now, I was once like you, stressed out, doubting and trying too hard to please others during my corporate career. I soon got over that by adopting a simple strategy to keep me centred and focused on my talents. I still use this process today and it still works. No sleaze, no pushing, no smarmy over talkative sales tactics with me!  
Slowly I learned that once I had a real authentic way of communicating with clients the inner missing link to be able to speak with confidence, clarity and connection with my audience.
I know how difficult it can be to learn how to present with finesse, to engage people with your words, to speak your truth, to show up as the real you and be fearless when you sell, but with some simple shifts, it can change in an instant.
Jacqui Tillyard Mentor