Don’t Blend in Business, Be Different!

don't blend in business, be different

Advice today (and tomorrow) Don’t blend in your business, be different!

Are you fed up seeing your competition seemingly surge ahead of you online?

Are you still trying to figure out your competitive edge?

Lets look at it in a new way……

Don’t blend in business with the rest of the competition in your niche, step out and be different.

Why stop blending in business?

Well the last thing you want to do is be the same as the others. Do this and you are doomed to compete and its usually on the downward spiral of price cutting and discounting, neither of which are good for your profits and long term survival.

So how to over come the challenge of competing.

Stop blending in, start differentiating what makes you -you.

Share valuable aspects of you personality, what interests you, what do you stand for?
Your ideal clients will align with these messages, your personality starts to market for you.

If you continue sharing factual stuff about your business you will end up back to blending, remember blending makes you bland, it prevents you from adding personality to your brand.

How can I add more personality to my marketing messages?

Start adding your personality to your videos, your posts and your photos.

If you still feel unsure, too nervous to do this, lets chat – helping you to overcome these barriers is my zone of genius.

Don’t be bland, be different, be uniquely you, that’s what customers buy not just the ‘how to’.

About Jacqui Tillyard

Jacqui Tillyard is and Imposter Syndrome mentor and a Professional Speaker/Celebrant
She helps conscious coaches and entrepreneurs to authentically attract high quality committed clients by releasing their fears around public speaking on and offline then helps them to craft and communicate appealing aligned messages that bring in clients. Learn how to ‘go live, and  feel confident, credible and connected with your ideal audience.
Jacqui Offers Private VIP Mentoring, Online Training and Guest Expert Trainings.

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