Selling from Soul equals ‘souled’ out programmes

Selling from soul

Many coaches I speak to are still afraid of the process of selling to their clients. They tell me they feel pushy, awkward, especially when it comes to naming their price.

I ask them ‘why?’ Often they feel they are too expensive for the client they are speaking to and just know they will make excuses up and try and slide off a sales call with the usual, I’ll think about it, I need to discuss with my husband or I can’t afford it.

So what is really going on?
Well there are 3 main things:

First – You are not yet aligned to the value you offer to clients

Second – Its not your job to decide if someone can or can’t afford your services

Third- You have to get better at handling these normal objections but understanding how to translate them. Each one is just the client telling you they are afraid to take the next step.

You need to handle that fear, not the price objection.

As an aside often if all you are doing is having these conversations you may be talking to the wrong type of clients- the time wasters the ones who are not serious about their own transformations.

So what’s the best way forwards?
Selling from Soul – that’s what!

When you sell from your soul message, shift happens.

You attract the right clients who want to do business with you because of your message.

Soul Sales don’t feel pushy, inauthentic, they serve from a very deep purposeful soul driven level, which is a better vibrational match to do business.

Selling from soul allows you to naturally attract clients who are aligned with your offering, this means you can become ‘souled’ out each time you promote a programme.

If you would like to know more about selling from Soul I am offering a limited amount of Virtual VIP Day – Selling from Soul Sessions, its a full day with me and you, we will look at the opportunities for sales in your business, look at how you position your programmes and align you to speak and sell from soul each time you interact with a potential client.

If this calls to you DM me to set up you VIP Day.     

Your Investment is just £888 

At the end of the Day,  you will have a:

Removed all the resistance in your energy field currently preventing you from Soul Selling

A clear aligned strategy to Sell from Your Soul

A list of opportunities to promote and sell your work

A new way to price your programmes so its Soul Aligned and energetically high value to the client.

A daily ritual to practice to be in alignment with Selling from Soul on and offline.

All of this for an incredible £888!

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