My kind of client is a Couragous Career Woman with so much to offer.... 
And yet she believes that she isn't good enough right now!

She is heart centred, strong and to a certain point successful yet has a nagging feeling that despite her material success still there's something that feels missing in her life.

She has begun to self doubt, feels a bit of an imposter in an increasingly savage work environment where egos rule and the competitiveness can get out of hand
She dreams big but has put her aspirations on hold over the past couple of years, now she really would love the courage to thrive again

My kind of client is a secret soul seeker, she doesn’t fully understand yet how to express her authentic self with her peers and clients just yet.

She knows she has to get clear and be able to share her message with the World yet still overwhelm, exhaustion, fear and judgement get in the way of her sharing her genius.

She wants to find a way to connect with her clients, be a better leeder and engage their minds to create the change in the World she sees. She loves heart centred activities that fill and energise her soul.

She wants to rediscover excitement, enthusiasm and purpose for her work and be able to communicate this in all she does.

Are You ready to release your fears and speak your soul-led story?

You have a spirit for opportunity, a desire for more meaning and a mission to make a positive impact in the World.

  • You’re ready to radiate your light and serve with your gifts in all aspects of your life.
  • You want to find a way create impact, to speak up and stand out for all the right reasons
    Maybe even get Ted Talk ready or more…
  • You know it’s time to cut the BS excuses and tap into your inner guide – your intuition; to let go of frustration and struggle and enjoy more ease, happiness and alignment, activating a thriving future of fulfilment.
  • You crave connected engagment but are no longer available for surface level. You want to go deeper…
  • You want to be with other people who ‘get’ you, people you’re free to just BE with… free to be vulnerable with and to celebrate with.

There’s no time to put off your dreams until that ‘one day’. Change is always happening and you need to be ready ight NOW! Click here to find out how to work with me.

My kind of client is always ready to:

  • Stop those old stories, old energies , old emotions ,old patterns of behaviour and your limitsExplore with candid honesty only you know to address those: deep-rooted beliefs, burning desires, inner enquiry
  • Learn to leave your ego behind and reconnect with your inner trust intuitive wisdom, your soul path and your core of magicBe prepared to respond to bold shifts and invitations required to permanently change your inner being.Step up and be seen and heard by her audience
  • Above all my kind of client is ready to take all the INSPIRED ACTION to align to your highest goodIf you are ready to let go of struggle and sacrifice and instead surrender to more satisfying SOULFUL heartfelt successIf you’re DONE with settling with the old way of doing things (Old Paradigm), are ready for some honest feedback to overcome your current limits, and you want to not only reconnect to your purpose but go beyond that search for being ‘more’, then I’m the perfect mentor for you.

What they say

10 months ago I started this epic journey of self discovery and personal development. I started riddled with anxiety, self-doubt and full of self-loathing; and then this happened – I became a part of Jacqui’s Team Destiny and what a bloody fantastic journey it’s been.

There has been laughter, tears, irritations, mad adventures and many many levels of ‘crazy stuff” but ultimately the love, the wisdom, the support and the fact that I have had space held for me is something that I never expected all these months ago.

Jacqui you are some bloody fabulously amazing, strong, and a powerful woman and you will always be a part of my life I am no longer on my anxiety medication, I am happy, full of confidence, pride and love and ready to keep up-levelling. My life will never be the same again!!! It has changed for the better thanks to you, and will continue to do so for as long as I am .

Fiona Skyioti

Creative Director

Still mind blown (in a good way). Thanks again for all your wisdom, insights and the clarity this bought.

Carli Thorpe