Are you withholding your genius from clients?

Are you withholding your genius with clients?Are you withholding your genius from Clients?
Each and every one of us has natural talents, skills and ability that we take for granted on a daily basis. Often so taken for granted we withhold it from our clients without recognising it.

Sometimes we let people know what those talents and skills are but sometimes it’s not quite as easy as it ought to be.

So what’s your genius?

Can you define it? 
For me its my ability to intutively see the core of a clients problem and get them past it fast.

What do you do that comes easily, quick and gets results for your clients?

I speak for a living and I know that many business owners quake in their boots at the very thought, yet they also recognise its a vital factor to reach their clients, so I work with them to overcome the fear of public speaking by getting rid of the core issue presenting itself so they can speak with ease and confidence.

How do you apply it to your clients?

For me I have a 5 Stage Programme to take someone from nervous and unseen to confident and credible when they speak to their audience

What steps do you take them through to apply your genius?

What is the result they benefit from when you give out your genius?

What’s the value of your genius, are you charging enough for it? My guess is that because it’s a given for you, you are not fully charging the actual value for the client, so you might want to take a look at your pricing.

Where are you holding back in a spot of self-promotion?

Being British –
Now I know as Brits we hate to brag by promoting yourself as a genius can sound a bit far fetched. But withholding this information from clients is doing them a disservice, you are not educating them as to how you can help them, furthermore, you are not distinguishing yourself from your competition if you just run with the pack and don’t step out and speak up about your personal genius.

Fear of the ‘Big Push’

You worry that if you start spouting genius, you will appear pushy and too salesy!
Please stop doing this, you are NOT being pushy talking about your point genius to a potential client, they need to know how you can help them, so speak, let them know!

Do you have hidden gifts that you don’t share?

Spiritual Side – Maybe there is an aspect of you that is more esoteric, and spiritual you have never shared it before with your clients.
For me it was starting to talk about energy healing and becoming more intuitive, not worrying about what others might think about that. I just focused on talking about what was important to me and ultimately was important for some of my clients too.
When you share these things it can add to your attraction factor in business as people will feel more aligned to someone they have things in common with.

The same is true for ‘Being Vulnerable’

I know sometimes personal stories of struggle, hardship, failing can feel too vulnerable to admit in business but if you genius helped you overcome these moments in your own life as well as your clients, they are definitely worthy of sharing.

New direction

Maybe you have had to have a rethink over the past few months, a need to work with new types of clients, introduce a new aspect to your business, again showcasing the genius in this new area can be helpful for the audience to understand better what makes you special.

So now is a very good time to stop withholding your genius, people need genius to get them through their struggles, time to share your’s.

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Imposter Syndrome Mentor/ Author/ Celebrant

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