Are you in my 1% of Clients?

Are you in my 1% of clients?

are you in my top 1% of clients?If you, like me, seem to spend endless hours planning out, writing, recording and posting on social media it can at times feel like a bit of a lottery – Especially if you want to attract your ideal clients.


Panning for golden nuggets

It’s a bit like panning for gold, looking for the decent glimmers, panning through the grit and dirt in order to reach them.

You have to sift out the purely ‘freebie seekers’ who never buy anything of any one.

You then have to wash away the wannabees, that say they want to work with you but never commit or pay up,

What you are really working towards is working with the elite, the committed clients who make your business profitable and worthwhile.

Why just 1%?

I was speaking to a fellow coach the other and she mentioned that you are putting your words and videos out there to reach just 1% of the audience, yes that’s right just 1%

Now I know right now you might be thinking “what’s the point of that then Jacqui? “

Well there is good reason –

Get your message right, something that will speak to them in a way that enables them to know you are their ‘go-to’ person and you have not just golden nuggets but diamond clients.
That 1% are the ones who will:

  • Love what you have to say
  • Read your posts
  • Comment on your posts
  • Be moved from what you tell them
  • Be motivated to connect with you
  • Have the commitment to buy from you
  • They are invested in the transformation you offer because they get that you get them
  • Be your future cheerleaders

So are you communicating in a way that speaks to your 1%?

Are you consistently speaking to them on social media?

Are you speaking in their language, making it clear how you can help them?

Or do you keep putting it off?

I know how easy it can be to put off going live online, there is always  a good excuse –

Bad hair day
Mind gone blank
They will never listen to me
Who am I to think I have something important to say
What if I mess it up
I hate tech….

The big list of excuses is endless!

Overcoming the excuse making and committing to showing up for your 1% is crucial.

Learning to’ go live’ online properly is a key skill when it comes to connecting with your 1%, it will transform the way you attract clients, not just any old client, the 1% who are an absolute joy to work with.

Learning how to do it so you are authentically you, speak from your heart and overcome speaker nerves is so worth while.

If you want to overcome the fear of speaking live to your 1%  and you want to be able to confidently speak down the lens of your webcam, I would be delighted to have a video live conversation with you, you may well be in my top 1%, lets chat!

About Jacqui Tillyard

Jacqui Tillyard is The Soul Led Speaker Mentor and a Professional Speaker/Celebrant
She helps conscious coaches and entrepreneurs to authentically attract high quality committed clients by releasing their fears around public speaking on and offline then helps them to craft and communicate appealing aligned messages that bring in clients. Learn how to ‘go live, and  feel confident, credible and connected with your ideal audience.
Jacqui Offers Private VIP Mentoring, Online Training and Guest Expert Trainings.

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