Are You dedicated to being fully Visible and Viable in your business?
Revealed the 6 top mistakes coaches make online

Jacqui Tillyard Soul Led Speaker Mentor - are you visible and viable in your business?Visibility seems to be the buzz word on social media at the moment. You’ve got to get visible the experts say.
So you follow their advice and work on adding content in the hope of becoming more/fully visible and viable in your business.

Visible and Viable are great… but!

Well to a certain extent that is true, however I don’t know if you are like me but I see all too often some very dodgy ‘lives’ on social media, and they certainly wouldn’t make me want to work with some coaches who put out unprofessional, poorly prepared posts. videos and webinars. You know the ones, over excited, too woo woo or constant apologies for poor internet connection, kids, dogs or delivery guys!

There is a skill to being properly visible and viable in your business. Here are 7 of the main mistakes I see on social media that people make when attempting to get visible without thinking the viable part out first…..

Top 7 Mistakes a badly visible coach makes

  • Poorly prepared
  • Not looking down the lens at the eye level
  • Unprofessional approach
  • Lack of Know Like and Trust Factor
  • Poor Quality Information Shared
  • Distracted during the session
  • Not demonstrating their expertise

In these cases many are visible but ultimate not viable as people simply won’t buy from someone with nothing much to offer.

See I know that you know you need to get more visible (told you I was intuitive). What I also know is deep inside of you there is genius waiting to get out there that is beyond viable, but right now you are afraid of being judged as not being good enough, looking a bit woo-woo when you speak.

Getting more visible and viable in your business

Deep down you have a really important message to share with new clients and you would love to overcome that inner gremlin that stops you in your tracks when it comes to pressing the ‘go live’ button on a live video. It also makes you freeze when you come to speak or tell your stories in your posts. You know time is of the essence and you have to get around this problem.

Become more visible and Viable in your business

If you know want to reach a better quality client, learning how to communicate via social media, on video or in training sessions can really serve you, especially if you learn to speak from the heart and soul, that’s where I come in!  

I have recently introduced a FREE 5 Day Accelerator programme for you if you’re ready to go beyond the fear of speaking to your audience.

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