Have an interesting point of view to stand out from the crowd

Jacqui Tillyard Always have an interesting point of view I have spoken before about the issue of being ‘too vanilla’ in your business, its a problem if you just blend in with your competitors talking about the same old stuff. Continue doing this and You get overlooked, ignored and likely not hired.

So how can you stand out from the crowd and attract the right people into your business? Always have an interesting point of view on important matters.

Think about what is important for you and your clients and talk about that.

What is something you stand for (or against) remember we want to create some sort of reaction for our readers!

Write or speak about that. It will do a number of things:

  • Create engagement for you
  • Lets people see a little more of what is important for you
  • Enables people to see you and what makes you different to the others in your industry
  • See you as a potential thought leader in your area (especially if nobody else is talking about this)

Interesting Points of View Remove you from the emotional charges of words

If someone says something you believe to be not true for you or is an opposite opinion, don’t allow it to bother you, step back from the emotion that may be attached to disagreement. Instead just observe what has been said and think, that’s an interesting point of view and its also an interesting point of view I have noticed it. This way you remove the need to get into an argument with the other person.

Dont start a verbal fight!

So when you post, don’t be confrontational or controversial just for the hell of it, make sure it will create the right sort of conversation that will appeal to your ideal clients and repel the ones you don’t want.

Remember everything is just an interesting point of view whether you agree or disagree with it, either way its just a point of view. Expressing your’s can attract people who align to it, hopefully they might become customers.

Get Vocal – Write about it, speak about it, make videos about it increase your visibility  – have an interesting point of view that gathers attention for all the right reasons with your ideal clients.

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