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Soul Led Speaker VIP Intensive

 Soul Led Speaker VIP Intensive – Speak from Your Soul , Expand your Business

Has your mind been racing over the past few weeks? New intuitive and inspiring words have been channelled to you during the BIG Pause, an important soulful message; you know it’s time to let it out! Would you love to reach and inspire higher calibre clients with ease?

Are you ready to speak from your soul purpose and align to more income and create true positive impact in the World? 

You have experienced a certain level of success in your business but on a profound level you know it’s not enough for you.
Your income level is stuck; you are juggling too many tasks, taking up too much time working.
You no longer feel aligned to working local, you want to reach clients on a more global basis.

The clients you have had up until now don’t truly value your worth. You know the ones, those clients who don’t commit and keep making excuses to you when they don’t get the change they hired you to help them with. The ones who complain they can’t afford, haven’t got time, keep getting distracted when you work with them. All said, it really doesn’t make your heart or your soul sing anymore when you work with them. It’s time to change.

Your soul is screaming ‘Stop this nonsense! Stop playing local and small, stop working with clients who are not invested in transforming their lives.

You have a bigger soul led, heart centred message to share with the World and also know that you desire to work with higher calibre client to move forwards.

Only trouble is…… you have a deep dark restrictive secret…..
You are Sh*t scared to speak live to an online audience and you worry whether you are good enough, will you mess up your words, look stupid or can even work with higher level clients.

You have seen some of the awful lives on social media, the embarrassing presentations, full of fluff, distraction and unprofessional speakers; you would hate to be like them!

You yearn to reach better clients willing to invest in your services and you know that in order to do this you have to overcome your fears up your game.

Being able to increase your visibility and demonstrate you expertise online to these ideal clients will require you to be able to speak from a place of purpose professionalism and peace.

But before you go out into the World you have to overcome this fear of ‘going live’ or ‘going blank’ especially when it comes to communicating your soul-led message with them.

You know you have a huge positive impactful message of change and transformation to share with the world yet still you are allowing those nervous anxieties about speaking to a get in her way.

You still worry you will be laughed at and ridiculed when you reveal the spiritual aspect of your work. You long to be a credible, competent soul-led speaker – totally aligned with your heart centred message and your programmes that magnetically attract soul contracted clients

You also don’t want your coaching peers to know you struggle with speaking to audiences and feeling confident so you want a private and confidential solution

Just Imagine for a moment … 

Imagine a being able to speak with confidence and certainty each time you press the ‘go live’ button. Imagine never going blank or looking like a fool on camera.

What if you had the magic to instantly captivate and connect with your perfect clients from how you spoke to them whether in person or live online?

A way where you can consistently speak your soul led message and attract soul contracted clients into your world AND naturally magnetise income with ease and grace by fully embracing this message.

In this new phase, you get to work on purpose with people who are a joy to work with and still have time to do all the things you love to do too.

You get to be an even more credible high calibre successful coach and fuel your soul at the same time

Better still, you get to still have time to take time out of your business whenever you choose

AND create income and impact in an aligned and authentic way

It’s always possible

It’s already there for you to choose right now

Introducing … Soul Led Speaker VIP Intensive Programme – How to Speak from Your Soul with Confidence and Impact

Have the courage and confidence to communicate and attract your soul contract clients consistently as you speak from soul purpose and alignment.

The 5 Stages of the Soul Led Speaker covers in depth all of the stages of your journey

Insight, Integrity, Inspire, Interact, Influence

Message that magnetises High Calibre Soul Contracted Clients

  • Creates authentic certainty and confidence in you when you speak
  • Gives you everything you require to understand your soul purpose and speak from that place each time you connect with your soul contracted clients with ease and grace
  • You complete this programme with clarity and confidence to speak live to any audience, an aligned soul led purpose driven message to communicate with clients, the ability to create change and positive impact in the World with your words.

What you get:

By the end of Soul Led Speaker Intensive, you will have a removed the fears and worries of speaking in public, going live and created a clear soul led message to communicate that attracts soul contracted clients with ease and integrity

This is a brand new experience to get you impact and real results. I have never combined all the elements in this programme before so it’s extra powerful…

This is no fake ‘bloke in a suit’ training, there are no egos in the room, no templates, scripts or wooden performances here.
This programme is delivered by a qualified experienced mentor who actually speaks from the soul to audiences weekly for a living. Someone who gets you need to know this stuff and fast, without the usually waffle and nonsense others may have given you in the past.

Complete confidential, private mentoring with someone who knows the real value of working 1-2-1 with a client. Someone who respects you, provides a safe space for you to perfect your soul led speaker skills. 

What it can bring is:

  • Increase your credibility with online visibility and presence
  • Help you to reach a more global audience
  • Create opportunities to be the obvious guest expert in your field
  • Secure sales for your programmes
  • Get you in front of more soul aligned clients waiting to hear your message

More than this, here’s what the results REALLY look like …

Total Confidence, less worry

Total Clarity, less overwhelm

Total Connection, less distraction

Total Commitment, less uncertainty

All from a place of purpose, alignment and grace

How it works: 

This is an 12 live VIP session journey and also comes with a 24 part self study video training where we work on:

Session 1 – The Soul Shift – The Introduction

This year has been one of great change, you soul has been screaming for ages and now it’s time for the soul shift to take place.
We will discuss the impact of the Big Pause and the outcomes that need to take place for a new high vibe paradigm to come to fruition with more Soul Led Conscious Leaders stepping up to speak their impactful messages in the World.

We will look at how to move forward to convey your soul message without feeling awkward, embarrassed or fearful of ridicule, teasing or worry

Q&A -What are your key concerns about speaking live to your audience?

Video live – the Before – Send me your before video and I will do a critque on areas for improvement so we can work on them during our time together
Simply send me your current message via video, let’s see the shift at the end (before and after makeover)

Session 2 – Releasing the Fears, Realigning to Success – Full Day VIP Experience

A full day virtual workshop to help you release all the fears and concerns

Your energy is everything – let’s clear out any resistance around your speak fears, imposter syndrome, comparisionitis, we will activate your soul speaker capacity energy to the highest frequency of success.

Release the emotions, energy and beliefs that are currently preventing you from being a true soul led speaker

Align to becoming a Soul Led Confident Speaker

Session 3 – What’s your Soul Code – VIP Session

In order for you to speak from a place of soul, we have to connect you to the purpose your soul opted for when it came to play on planet Earth.
You will receive a personalised Soul Purpose Code to enable you to speak from a place of authenticity

We will consider the impact of your, your place in the Universe, the real reason you came to the planet so you can speak from this place of truth and fullfill your life purpose with your message to client

Virtual Session and Personalised Report to Clarify your Soul Purpose Code Sent out during wk3

Session 4 – Queen Presence – Divine Alignment

This session will align you to your Inner Divine energy, aligning you to your power, presence and pazzazz. Working with divine feminine and masculine energy, you will step into a new more certain, confident you, the one who shares her message with ease.

Session 5 Craft your Soul Led Story

With alignment, the awareness of your personal soul purpose you can now craft your soul led story to impact your clients. Learn how to tell your Truth Tale to influence and convey an authentic message of impact to your audience

Session 6 Soul Led Speaker Skills

A practical week where we look at delivery skills to uplevel your ability to speak and go live

Learn how to connect with your audience fast

Session 7 Embodiment of Client Connection

Embodying your message takes practice, this week will teach you how to fully embody your message so it becomes automatic to speak with enthusiasm and purpose, learn the key elements to connect to clients quickly via your message

Session 8 – Your Soul Led System
What is the programme you wish to offer to your clients – in this session we take a look at what might be your offer at the end of your presentation
Start to put the bones on your Soul Led Signature System to grow your Business

Session 9 Soul Speaker Kit

Check list to see what you need to be a pro speaker
PDF list – resources, items further education etc

Session 10 Soul Led Speaker – Going Live!

Your chance to perform your new message. You can either go live or send me a video of your talk. I will give you constructive feedback on it so you can expand, improve and have the confidence to go out to a wider audience with your message.

Session 11 – Its an Expert Rap

How to position yourself as a go to expert in your field, promoting yourself as the Guest Expert on Social Media and local events.
A Q&A to answer any of your outstanding questions, hone any out standing gaps in your knowledge and skill set.

Session 12 – Emergency SOS –

Just in case you need to run your idea by someone or ask that last minute question, I am here for you


Visualisations – Reaching my audience, My Message is in the Air, Breath of Confidence and Calm, Embody your Message

Live Call Recordings

12 months listing in my Soul Led Speaker Directory worth £150


The Investment is £3555 or 3 payments of £1200 (charged £1200 now then at 2 further monthly intervals – payable via Bank Transfer)

Speak from Your Soul is for you if:

  • You are ready to finally overcome the fear of speaking to your soul contracted audience
  • You ready to properly craft and align to your Soul Led message and communicate with ease and grace
  • You are ready to upscale and reach your high calibre clients, increase your income and your credibility and spread your own Soul Led message to create positive change in the World
  • You want a totally confidential private mentoring to help you overcome speaker struggles and align to reach your ideal high calibre clients through your soul led message

Don’t let another fear get in the way of your progress. With the shifts occurring in the World, your clients need you.  Now is the time … it’s your time.

I am your Soul Led Speaker Mentor, I am intuitive, savvy and speak heart and soul for a living. It’s my desire that every aspiring growing soul led coach enjoys success and creates transformation and improvement in the World with their clients.

If you have questions, just ask me

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Jacqui xx

Investment £3555   – 3 pay available –3x £1200

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Pay in Full £3555

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