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How to Work With Me – The Programmes

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Could you be the next high calibre  Client?
Want to work with Jacqui?Are you withholding your genius with clients?

Here are the current ways I work with clients

Overwhelmed, Stressed, and Too Scared to Sell?

This practical 1 day virtual retreat session (via Zoom) will help you to release all the resistance around selling, the overwhelm it is causing and the stress it is having on your business results.

Private recorded mentoring session with Jacqui to help you let go of feelings of fear, overwhelm and anxiety.
Simple practical way to release resistant energy that is causing you to feel this way.
1 day (up to 6 hours)
My simple 5 step process and Real Results
Just £1555

Energy Alignment
Taster Day

This practical day delivered virtually on Zoom will help you to release all energetic resistance, fears, emotions, energy, thoughts, habits and patterns that are currently getting in your way of progress.

A private recorded mentoring session with Jacqui to enable you to learn the 5 steps of the Energy Alignment Method, let go of all the stuff getting in your way.

Simple practical way to release resistant energy that is causing you to feel this way.
1 day up to 6 hours,
Follow the 5 Simple Steps For Inner Peace and Authentic Energetic Alignment
Just £1555

vip experience

VIP Intensives

Want to work on selling and professional speaking in a more intensive way?
I offer a 90 day VIP Mentoring programme designed to get your upgraded and ready to sell high ticket to aligned clients who value what you do for them

We will work together to get you aligned to your programmes, you vision, visibility and value that translate into sales.
Using only proven tools and astute mentoring you will feel fantastic as we identify key problematic issues, release the energy around them, restore your inner calm and confidence with a spot of hypnotic visualisation, and get you focused on the way forward in total alignment for speaking from your soul.
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Coming Soon The Law of ‘Chat-traction’ –

How to engage quickly with soul mate clients, connect confidently, create a loyal following using your words, your personality and the law of attractions.


If you area experiencing fear, self doubt, stress and overwhelm, its time to do something about it. Know this, whatever you are going through, you always deserve the very best. Embarking on a 5* professional mentoring programme can help to propel you back greatness once again.

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