Are you embracing seclusion, the Big Pause, the opportunity that social isolation has afforded you?

The zen of embracing seclusion is magnificent. You get magical insights when you sit and pay attention to your soul. It has been screaming for months and now is the time to pay attention to its calling.

You have now been gifted the time to reflect on exactly what is truly important.

Embracing Seclusion

Heal if you need, release all fear, stress and anxiety.

Its the opportunity to get comfortable with who you truly are, what is important for you?  Where are your priorities?
Who is meant to be around you?
What do you dearly desire when things change?
What will be your new normal? Will you be bold enought to shift to a new level of self awareness?

Go inside yourself, gather your strength, courage and magnificence.

Remember – Embracing Seclusion invite you to look at:

You are stronger than you think, soulfully, mentally, physically and energetically.
Tap into those inner resources of resolve, love, commitment, focus, support for yourself and those dear to you.

Hold the space for healing, hold the energy high. Allow the Earth to recover.

Embracing Seclusion allows you to:
Be selective on where you focus your attention, be discerning in your media choices. Read, relax, connect with local community who need support, connect virtually with empowering beings who hold the energy of expansion, wellness and love.

In these seemingly turbulent times, hold the space for magic and miracles. We are the many, they are the few!

“Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul.

Marcus Aurelius

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