What does it mean to Lead?

Actually what does it mean to lead?

That magic word ‘LEAD’ what does it conjure up for you?

Victory and success or responsiblity and pressure?

What does it mean to lead?

Does it scare the sh** out of you?
Do you see it as an invitation to be yourself?

So what does it mean to lead?

Rules of leading

Lead to me is to take the initiative, create your own way, show people how to create success by being a good example, demonstrate your wins, your way and show them how they can lead in their own way too.

How does a true Leader Lead?

A true leader enables, encourages and excels
They put their ego to one side, they contribute, they inspire, they create opportunity.

For me there are far too many ‘Followers’ out there in social media land. They profess to lead, but the are just followers!

Yes, they try to fool you claiming their way is unique, their own, different way, but if you are like me, you do your due diligence on them.
You find their profile, you spot they only just started their coaching business despite telling you on their latest webinar that they have been earning tons of money have been fully booked for ages.

You find they once had a high end photo shoot to make them look like a leader, but in reality they are nothing like this, its all a front to hide their reality.
Trawling their profile, you actually find that they recently attended another coaches ‘6 figure income’ or ‘abundance training’ and all they are really doing is regurgitating the other coaches stuff, but not so well as they don’t really get it and can’t explain it so well as are still working though it for themselves.

As an experienced qualified mentor, seeing some of this makes my blood boil, so many fakers misleading clients.
They suck innocent clients in, the promise of unlimited riches the pull on a desperate, needy person seeking to earn money fast.

A great leader smells a rat! Spots a Bullsh***r!
Be warned you may have been rumbled!

So if you are considering taking an abundance course, or a make your six figure income marketing/ mindset, transformation style course (or whatever else they are calling it this week!),
Be sure to check out the person teaching it. Are they really living the lifestyle? Do they have credibility? Are they a proper leader doing what they teach or coach?

Trust me there are hundreds if not thousands of broke business coaches and very poor abundance and law of attractions coaches and probably even more unqualfied, inexperienced coaches and mentors out there right now.
They are not leaders, they simply followed someone else and took a chance.

Don’t follow followers, seek out a leader who will share their own experience and wisdom, make sure they will inspire you to be your own best leader.

A leader never follows the crowd, they create one!

Chose to lead in the right way

L – legitamate
E – example
A – authentic
D – discerning

That’s what it does mean to lead!

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