The Real Truth Is Nobody Wants to be Vanilla! 3 Ways to Get More Flavoursome in your Marketing

Jacqui Tillyard- Nobody wants to be vanilla article

Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a lovely vanilla ice cream, but over time even that can become sickly and to be quite frank rather dull.
Oh for an exotic flavour, a bit of sauce, an added twist to make the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Well life is a bit like that too, if we all chose to be vanilla in our approach, the World would be a duller place.

That is especially true in the business world where you really can’t afford to be bland. Bland in business equals a constant battle of competing on price or worse still being completely overlooked by potential clients.

Bland  means constantly competing with all the other vanilla competitors, so I encourage you to be bold and brave and be different – Stand out from the crowd, get known for your area of expertise in a way that creates intrigue and interest. Have a valuable view point or way of doing things that gets you noticed for all the right reasons from the right sort of clients.

Nobody ever hired a vanilla, bland expert! Truth is Nobody Wants Vanilla!

Don’t follow the crowd, lead it! If you don’t you will end up frequently competing on price, bargaining for time, and suffering from comparisonitis in your market.

Be brave, bold enough to stand out, stand for something, stand against stuff, it will get you noticed, hopefully by your audience.

It not always the best place to be if we just follow the crowd, blend in and conform. When you are in the business arena you may need to show up differently so you are noticed (for all the right reasons)

There are 3 factors which I believe distinguish leaders in their field:

They honour their truth and are not afraid to admit it
They remain impeccable with their Integrity
They stick to their word and create change for the better where its needed

So they remain true and tell their truth, nobody thinks them vanilla

So what do you need to honour as part of you that really separates you from the crowd?
What is your own special flavour (I am sure you are not vanilla!)
Where are you not showing up as your impeccable authentic self?
Are you hiding behind the mask of vanilla verbatum in your industry?
What do you need to do to shift and step up as the leader who creates positive change in the World?

Its time to stop settling for vanilla, add some sprinkles and a cherry on top to your marketing message, speak with added sauce, create a ripple with your words and actions, add a hint of spice if you need.

If you need support to identify how to do this, and you are ready to make that happen, lets connect!

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