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Soul Purpose Code VIP Session – Plus Bonus Oracle/Tarot Insight

Discover the clues to your soul purpose code from the Universe

 Soul Code VIP Session with Jacqui Tillyard

Ever wondered ‘Why am I here?”

Well this Soul Purpose Code VIP Session is perfect for you if:

You want to find out exactly what your soul signed up for before it arrived on planet Earth
What are your key strengths
How to get into full alignment with your soul purpose
What is the best work for you to do
How to connect with others on a deeper level
What are the archetypes you most associate with
What key influences surround you
What lessons you came to learn
What karmic forces you came to heal
What work you were truly meant to do
How do you best go about achieving your soul purpose in this lifetime

As a Soul Led Speaker, your desire is to connect deeply from a place of purpose and impact with your audience, once you discover your Soul Purpose Code, it will enable you to fully understand what your Soul signed up for in this lifetime so you can communicate from a place of purpose, passion and practical alignment.

Learn how to apply these planetary and Universal clues to magnetise clients, grow your business and feel totally aligned and in flow with your message, materials and the way you speak with your audience, create confidence and credibility knowing you are doing the work you were always meant to do. 

If all of this sounds just what you want to know, this session is specially designed with you in mind.

This is what Shamoni had to say after her session.
“I had a lovely Soul Code reading yesterday by Jacqui Tillyard and it was lovely to hear that when I am in my loving, caring, kind, compassionate, nurturer energy, I am in my flow!

Shamoni Gilani Intuitive Marketing MavenThanks Jacqui for such a thorough comprehensive reading! Definitely helped me feel more connected to parts of myself that I want to show up as. Look forward to going through it again! “

So how long does it take and what is included?

A virtual 1-2-1 session taking approximate 3 hours to look at planetary, numerology and zodiac aspects along with archetypes and design keys to give you total clarity and alignment

The session comes with a personalised full detailed pdf report for you to reference afterwards, a recording of the session and also comes with a bonus Tarot and Oracle Reading to give you further guidance. Where you can ask any questions related to your soul purposen in this lifetime and best direction forwards in your business.

Cost for the session is just £333

To book contact me directly

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