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Soul Led Sales – 8 Week Mentoring Programme –
Speak and Sell From Soul Attract Aligned Clients with Ease and grace 


Hi I’m Jacqui Tillyard Soul Led Speaker and Sales Mentor and I’m the creator of Soul Led Speaker System. I help conscious coaches, entrepreneurs and healers to authentically speak and sell online so they gain visibility and connection which attracts soul aligned high level clients to them. Learn to speak and sell in total integrity from a soul led space.

When you work with me you will access:

  • Over 25 years of sales and business experience and expertise
  • A qualified, certified mentor, coach who walks her walk
  • Practical Proven Process that has worked for me to create a successful business
  • My no nonsense, yet fun approach to business and sales
  • A unique blend of spiritual and grounded tools to help you go from fear to a flow of sales in your business
  • My loving support to help you get serious, successful and a soul led sellerYou might be thinking, that’s all well and good for you to say but it wasn’t always that way….
  • Believe it or not this is so important to me because I was once in your shoes. I really get annoyed when I see coaches struggling to sell to uncommitted clients who won’t invest, but I get equally frustrated when I see coaches underselling their services and being unable to properly articulate how they can help their clients.

    I have been in where you are now, trust me, I was invisible, ignored and unheard and the harder I tried the worse it felt.

    Stress and anxiety made me feel like giving up, for a while I surrendered and did nothing.

    But working with one of my mentors she spotted my soul genius streak and I had an AHA moment that I really did need to coach around what came so naturally to me and then it all transformed for me, I started to work with elevated clients who really wanted what I had to offer and in turn they were able to get the shift in their business too.

    I then created a proven programme that worked for me to create a significant income and now I want to show you that same system so you can attract quality clients, speak and sell to them authentically without being pushy and naturally connect to all the clients you choose

This Programme is designed specifically for you if:


You feel stuck in a loop where you lack the right amount of business success especially when it comes to selling

You would love to impact a new audience who appreciates and pays for quality and the value you offer

Right now you keep on attracting uncommitted crappy clients that complain and say they can’t afford things

You are not generating enough of the right quality leads to create more soul led clients

You worry about going live on a video call or on social media for fear of  looking foolish

Don’t know what to say or where to go to attract the right kind of clients

You can’t quite articulate exactly who you are aiming your message at

Feel like you get tongue tied when you try to explain what you do

You still believe everyone is your audience and have a scattergun approach to marketing yourself

You can’t quite articulate exactly what you do, how it impacts your client and the results you get for them

You quake in your boots at the thought of selling your thing to your clients

Avoid sales calls at all costs

Undercharge or feel compelled to discount your offers

You battle that inner voice of self doubt that tells you ‘you can’t, who do you think you are, and you don’t have the experience, resources or whatever else BS story it makes up

You know you are not consistent, confident and clear with your offering to clients and don’t currently have a clear programme to offer to them

You feel totally invisible, unappreciated and undervalued

You know you have to do something to turn this situation around and fast!

What you really want is……

A simple method to connect naturally to your ideal audience so they come to you instead of you chasing them

The ease to explain exactly how you help your clients. How do you help them to get the results in a way that feels comfortable, confident and credible

Connect authentically with new quality clients that love you and what you do

Have conversations that convert to sales without the pushy, hustle or sleazy feeling

Attract aligned clients who ask to work with you, or are a definite yes when you have the sales conversation with them

A flow of elevated clients who are a joy to work with and value the work you do together

An increase income that allows you to live on your terms

The confidence and certainty to promote yourself and communicate the real benefits of what you do to potential clients

Know where to go and what to do to find your perfect clients  

So tell me what is this programme all about Jacqui…….

Soul Led Sales Programme

It’s perfect for you if you are a committed conscious coach entrepreneur or healer who knows you have important messages to share with your potential clients online but are feeling nervous and scared to do so. You need to know exactly how to clear, certain, confident and credible when you get virtually visible to your perfect clients and you also want to be able to sell in a soul led way without any hassle.

If you would love to discover a 5 step process to ensure your vibes, voice, visibility value and valid action are articulated to your perfect clients, this programme will definitely help you to:

Feel aligned energetically to yourself, your work, your clients so you don’t have to feel fearful when you speak and ‘go live’ online

Understand exactly why you need to show up more in the World right now with your soulful message, it’s so needed by many today don’t hold it in any longer

Feel clear, certain, confident and credible when you speak with your audience so you connect with the power of your words.

Understand the power of the law of Chat-traction in order to sell effectively, learn how to have deeply connected conversations with motivated clients ready to buy your services because they get that you get them.
Gain clarity on exactly what needs to go into your client programmes so you deliver the desired transformations that your client wants each time

Never be fearful of offering high ticket programmes, or selling them to clients ever again because you will learn how to communicate your value to them in an easy and honest way that helps them to buy from you
Build a successful business where you can sell with ease, attract your perfect clients and create ongoing abundance in your business

 It’s time to stop feeling stuck and limited, time to become virtually visible and valuable to those clients who so desire the transformation you offer them  

I know just how fed up you feel, I want to help you NOW

Imagine having the clarity certainty and confidence to be a cool calm and credible speaker who is able to sell from her soul with expanded ease and grace

Choice is key – it will impact your outcomes and results

Your options right now–

Do nothing and it gets worse


Prioritise, change and take action and focus on transformation that you really desire

Imagine what would be possible for you after taking this course:

A flow of desired income
Impact of your message reaching your clients
Doing your soul purpose work with ease and excitement
Inspiring your clients to transform
Speaking your truth
Earning your worth and value
Selling from soul
Having soul-ed out programmes each time

Here is what is included with the programme

8 live virtual trainings with me personally in a small intimate group setting
8 weekly Q&A calls
A private Facebook group to get your questions answered and share your successes

During the 8 weeks we will cover these topics:

Vibe – energetic alignment to your business and your clients, daily ritual to align
Voice – how and what to say when you go live online
Visibility how to show up authentically online and be seen so you attract aligned clients,
Vital power of a conversation to secure sales with ease
Value – Putting your Signature System/Programme together to appeal to aligned clients
Understanding your soul led client and how to appeal to them
Pricing your programme to sell to your soul aligned clients
Vital Action- the steps you need to take to create clients, cashflow and success

You will have Lifetime access to all recordings of the calls, trainings and worksheets

PLUS these Bonuses
If you book this week I am offering this programme with a very special saving of £362 PLUS there is a free bonus business energy alignment workshop worth £250 and a half day 1-2-1 VIP Sales Review Session with me worth £350, so you can save £962 before you even get started.

A one day virtual training on how to align your energy to your business success valued at £250

Learn how to use a 5 step process to align your energy, emotions, mindset to sell and grow your business with ease and authenticity

Bonuses 2

Book today and I will gift you a half day VIP virtual 1-2-1 call to review your sales programme and iron out any sales skills queries you may have during the programme worth £350   

Special Offer launch price


Your investment to join and be part of the Soul Led Sales Group Programme is just £888 if you pay in full today

If you prefer to spread the cost there is a 2 part payment plan available 2x £525 (£525 now and the balance in 4 weeks time)

 Remember this is an intimate group and I only have a few places available for this offer so you have to act fast to secure your place

Working with Jacqui- what makes me different to the others?

I lead I don’t follow and I attract others who want to lead their own personal development too.

I blend the practical with the intuitive soul-led woo, there’s often a splash of humour in there for good measure as when the going gets tough in business and marketing, it’s always good to laugh in the face of challenge!

I have learned to work on purpose and trust in my ability, my wisdom and I teach my clients how to do the same in their business.

I have the experience, the expertise and the energy to help you create your own conscious soul-led business.

There is no fluff and nonsense with me, I will always have your best interests at heart, I will tell the truth to move you forwards and get you those desired results

If I don’t believe I can help you, I will never take your money  

I am a wise intuitive mentor who sees the greatness in you that you are currently not seeing, I will encourage inspire and hold you fully accountable to succeed.

A practical no-nonsense coach who can spot the core of your problem from a place of integrity and trust and help you sort it out fast

Experienced with track record of excellence in business and spiritual processes that help clients get the transformations they desire in their business

I had a very successful corporate sales career before I became an entrepreneur back in 2000 when I decided it was time to step out of a successful but stressful corporate sales career. I have 18 years experience of coaching other business owners and speaking and selling to audiences which I help my clients with now too.

I will share with you all the tips and techniques I use to sell from a soul led space.
I am a successful coach, mentor and professional speaker who helps highly conscious entrepreneurs to understand how to speak and sell in a heart-centred, aligned way that attracts more of their ideal clients to them

I offer specific programmes that work to help you put a conscious, spiritual spin on your business instead of the old paradigm pushy ways of doing business

When I worked on my mindset and energetic alignment to my business, I saw a rapid turnaround in the number of clients I attracted, the value I charged and an increase in profits – that is the piece I share with clients so they can expand their business too. 

This is for you if you are a:

Committed, invested client willing to do what is necessary to get the desired result within the timeframe

Decisive person who gets that it takes time, effort, resources and investment to get their desired result

Someone with a willingness to learn and grow, to be expansive and aligned

Bright, eloquent, conscious coach, healer or entrepreneur who is ready to impact the world for good

This is not for if:

 You don’t have the time to invest in growing your business

  • You just enjoy learning and are not willing to take action
    You don’t commit to anything
  • You are not open to do the inner work
  • You aren’t willing to make your business success your priority

 This is also not for you if

  • You are an excuse maker
  • You remain un-invested in your business and your personal success
  • You appear to be a flaky ‘Air head’
  • You are a boring analytical person
  • Yeah But! – You are an excuse making analyser who blames everything outside of themselves and is not willing to listen and act
  • Fake and fickle who worry more about their botox than their business
  • Not willing to pay for quality mentoring and coaching, you are stuck in a poverty mentality which won’t help you move forward
  • Bright shiny object seekers
  • Complainers
  • Freebie seekersSo you have recognised you are one of my kind of clients?
  • Book now

What if you don’t act today?

  • Your business success cannot be assured
  • You will remain invisible and unheard
  • Your clients won’t be able to access your gifts and talents
  • You will remain miserable and unfulfilled
  • You will regret not taking up this opportunity
    Your profits won’t increase
  • You still won’t have the courage and confidence to go live to your clients
    You will still struggle with sales

 Now I know at this point your inner voice is going, don’t do this, you know you never make things work out…. Don’t listen because here are the answers to the questions you may have

Now is not a good time
Now is always a good time, are you prioritising daily drama over your dreams and aspirations. The only way to create permanent and positive change is to take charge of your actions daily and move towards a more positive outcome by taking chosen aligned and applied actions. Decide if you are an excuse maker or an action taker.

What if I can’t make the sessions – Recordings will always be available so you won’t miss out even if you allow daily busy to take over!

What if I have questions –
Ask me we can always set up a quick 15 minute virtual coffee conversation to get your questions answered. It’s also what the FB group is for and if we are working 1-2-1 that’s what the private calls are for

I need to think this through
 What is ‘this’?
Is it your uncertainty, self doubt?
Is it the worry of making change? Affording it?
Have I not given you all the information to make a decision?
Are you still worried about what others will say or judge you about?

What if you decided you are absolutely worth this transformation and can make the changes you so desire right now without spending hours in your head to justify everything
Only you can decide, don’t let others cloud your decision

I can’t afford it
 So on a scale of 1-10 (1 being absolutely not and 10 absolutely must)
What is you determination to invest in you?

How worthy are you of achieving your aspirations, dreams of success?

How important is this shift to you right now?

If you are struggling right now, it’s pretty important to do something about this urgently to bring in the money isn’t it? So why put it off?

If you value you, you will find a way to be resourceful and obtain the resources.

Do you offer discounts –
Absolutely Not, Please don’t ask as I value what I do and charge accordingly

I trust that I can deliver the results I outline to you – If you are struggling with the immediate investment we can normally work out a payment plan to ease the cost flow. – but there is never the option for discounts – they are for people who don’t trust in their ability!

I need to check with my other half
 Ok so are they a qualified business coach? Do they run their own business, Can they give you leads, the marketing information , ability to speak and sell? No I thought not, so how on earth do you expect them to support you in your decision, and that is the thing, its only ever ‘Your Decision’ its your business, you get to choose as the owner of it.

What if it doesn’t work –It will if you take all the actions steps outlined in the programme.
I won’t allow you to fail the process I teach works, it worked for me and other clients so why would you be any different, the only thing that will stop that is you!

I’ve spent loads already with biz coaches and never got the result they promised –

I feel your pain, me too! We have all been burned at some point but not all coaches are the same. I know we all make mistakes and this is the last time you will have to make the mistake of hiring the wrong mentor, I have your back, I have the experience, the knowledge a proven track record of success and I want to pass that on to you. If you remain reflecting on what was, you will never get a change in results, it’s time to move on and work with someone who knows what is required to be successful

What if I fail – You won’t if you take the applied vital action required, you will have all the tools, the support and knowledge to succeed.  Success is just a decision away!

P.S. Got a question, message me

I would hate for you to miss out on this opportunity I really want to work with those committed to getting their message out to sell quality programmes to elevated clients who are motivated to purchase your life’s soul aligned work  

What are you waiting for, it’s here NOW

Are you ready to get involved?

Here is what you need to do

Secure your place
Commit to transform
Invest in yourself with time, energy and effort
Get ready to share your gifts with the World and sell from a soul led space

simply click the link below to join

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