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  • Stop Searching for ‘More’ – You are enough! Going Beyond the Material Stuff

Jacqui Tillyard

You’re a savvy, successful and somehow stress business woman, on the face of it, you have all the spoils of fortune, a nice home, car, clothes, money in the bank, yet somehow something inside of you feels ‘off centre’ and not at ease right now.
You’ve been searching for this elusive ‘more’ you know it’s probably not a material thing, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

What you do know is its making you feel:
Musing over what Might Have Been
Emotionally Feeling a disconnect with those around you, they all seem so fickle, fake and ego driven

Have you been asking yourself?

“Is this it?”
“Who stole the last 20 years of my life?”
“There has to be more to life than what I am currently experiencing?”
“Why does everything seem empty and pointless?”
“Remind why I am pushing so hard and for what?”

It’s likely you have hit a Mini Void, that awful feeling of stuck and trapped –you just feel like you are living a lie and need to get out of this situation fast!

It’s getting to critic point and you are thinking – Enough is Enough!

You are not prepared to put up with any of this stress, emptiness, regret, doubt, disillusionment, frustration, fear, and feeling stuck.
Imagine what it would be like if your real desires could show up:

You discover a daily life style that you are excited for and look forward to because it feels renewed and has real Meaning

  • You feel on purpose in all areas of your life
  • You no longer feel like you are putting up with stuff and people
  • You feel revitalised, reenergised and raring to go
  • You feel at peace, totally calm and with a sense of new direction
  • You feel and know your own truth on a deep level and are now prepared to express it to others without fear of being judged or criticised
  • You recognised that there is merit in vulnerability
  • You have a deep connection on a soul level to yourself and to others
  • You know that when you focus you can create Magic & Miracle, having taken a leap of faith and stepping into the Mystic to manifest your dreams
  • You know you can create momentum by making the right Movement
  • You can finally feel at ease and easily share your own Message, your personal soul Truth
  • Imagine a life that is Soul Purpose driven, feels totally Authentic where you are using your own personal Gifts & Talents – you know what your ‘Why’ is, and you no long intend to waste anymore timeIt’s time to get on with your life on your own terms – On a Soul led purpose, with passion, joy and enthusiasm.

Introducing you to – Stop Searching, Step into Your Soul Purpose

An introductory 6 week journey of self discovery – to realign to soul purpose and release the old ways

During the 6 weeks you can access Live Trainings and mentoring to release the stress and get back into ease and flow in life
Exclusive tool bag of soul tools to help you
Proven techniques that will enable you to feel more than good enough and raring to embrace a new way of living that feels easy, joyous and exciting for you.

So why am I telling you all this?

I get you, I once was you! I was chasing my tail in a successful sales career that eventually burnt me out… all because I didn’t heed the danger signs. I tried to fit in, comply, impress, win, push, hang out with the blokes but all that did was leave me with that empty feeling, that stress, that fast pace, that need to perform, to outdo, to win!
I had my tower moment when it all came crashing down, I felt exhausted, tired, a failure, vulnerable, and was afraid to ask for help, so I kept going, until it was almost too late!
I thought that was what was required, you had to be superwoman and outperform your male peers. But now I know that was just old programming.
I got ill, I felt like I was going mad as I cried every Sunday knowing I was returning to work the next day, the panic attacks in my company car just got too much for me. I had to change or the stress would really take a firm hold.
I recognised that money and competing was not the answer, I realised where my priorities lay, and I decided to address the issue by following my heart instead of my head, I stepped onto my soul led purpose path.
Soul-led clues. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not some kind of weird woo- woo person, I am a very sensible, practical, logical woman who was a natural leader and was not easily swayed, but I recognised that had to be a better way and this way wasn’t it!

So eventually I did get well, I found a new way, I recovered naturally and as a result, I was bold enough to move from a career that drained the life out of me and transitioned into a new business where I trained in many of the methods I used to get well.
I am not your average life coach, who has just done a simple online coaching course. I have done the work on me, I have qualified, I have sorted out my own life and I only ever used the techniques and tools that have absolutely worked for me with my clients.
I am far from a namby pamby tree hugging therapy type, (though feel free if the mood takes you!) I also have an innate knack of intuitively spotting the core issue for you, there is no messing with me…..Oh yes and I sometimes have inspiring boughts of humour and fun too to ease the situation. Clients describe me as wise, charismatic, funny and practical.

With over 20 years experience I now want to share a unique blend of those things that will create a short cut to a more meaningful life for you now, so from one sensible woman to another, trust me, I have your back! Your transformation will happen if you work with me.
I’ve helped 100’s of women like you to overcome the overwhelm, that feeling of failure, the vulnerability, addressing the emptiness, I have also helped them to quickly transform and find new purpose and enthusiasm as they release that feeling of empty and stuck.

I told you my story of what happened when I ignored the signs- I got my tower moment and entered The Void for a while – grief, gloom, gathering in you – just know that despite what you are currently feelings, you are already good enough to evolve to the next level

See its time to stop!:
Putting up with/Conforming/living to others Expectations/ that all ‘Old Paradigm’ – the old programming and its not your fault, that’s what everyone else told you.
You were brought up to believe it was all true!

The Big Pause -Why the Lockdown is a Gift –
Though it came as a shock, it has been a time for:

Retreat to go within, Find Resolution for what isn’t working in your life, Realise what is important and what isn’t, Release the stuff that isn’t serving you

You have been through years of distraction, lack of focus, instead taking the road of pushing, rushing , being disconnected, diseased and despondent, that is over!

If you embrace the tools I share you will experience a total transformation living with your new Viable Vision

Its time to Make You a Priority – Unlock the Ultimate Self Care Routine for Yourself, you are more than worth it!

Be Present
Be Purposeful
Be Powerful

Lets get rid of What’s stopping you?

Fear, your head is in overdriven, masculine energy, Doing, Giving, Responsibility, Push, ego, burn out, linear, logic
judgment, push, disconnect from your body, step into your feminine, receive, flow, play, fun, being, intuitive, potentiality, magic and celebrate

Getting Real:
Raise awareness of resistance – Inside or outside – time to forgive
Energy release – allowing the shifts
Align to new vision – getting into flow
Live it – aligned applied action, allow to receive

6 Week Stop Searching for More, Step Into Ultimate Self Care and Soul Purpose
The programme offers:
1 Induction training
4 live training topic sessions – where you can ask me questions
1 Personal Virtual one to one ViP Overhaul day
Resource Soul tools library for personal self care
1 Next steps progress review

Fast Action Bonus Q&A – zoom group
Recording of the Burst the Bubble Session & Pdf
Follow Up– private 30 mins
AHA SOS call = 20 mins

What happens in each part of the programme

Energetic Integrity Overhaul – Virtual VIP DAY (Value £888)
We will take a deep dive to these areas of your life

Soul Desire – visioning
Energy Vibe – where is your frequency most frequenting?
Mind – what do you think?
Emotions – feelings?
Body –Where does it hurt? / Chakra Colour Sync – grounding, body awareness
Aura Field – Outer Energy, potential and possibility

The Magic Box of tools for Inner Focus

Forgiveness Theatre Recorded meditation
Chakra Sync – Aura Alignment Live Training – grounding, the chakras, expansion,
Your Place in the Universe – there are no coincidences Live Training video PPT
Number Live Training – Numbers –purpose and indicators
Crystals Pdf/video – grids – basic kits
Intuition Recorded Training trusting your Intuitive nudges/ expanding your energy
Human Design Referral – –
Written in the Stars – your Nodes Training – Astrochart link NN SN and houses
Inner Intuitive Journey – Mindful Moments Recording
Calling you in – Self Hypno / Parts integration Recording, pdf sheet
Parts integration
Beautiful Boundaries -I am now only available for…..
Training on focus, giving energy away, distractions, energy vampires, the power of NO
Journaling Journey Gratitude guide Pdf
Recorded PPT and Audio questions
HHH Light up – Divine aligned – mother earth, mother energy, heart
Explainer video Exercise
Daily Energy Ritual Sheet and explainer video
Stepping into your future Visioning exercise
Signs from the Universe Repeating patterns, habits, noticing, feathers, numbers, people, patterns
Oracle Insight BONUS reads for each Air Earth Fire and Water Signs

TOTAL = £1115

Fast Action Bonuses
Bonus Q&A – zoom group
Recording of the Burst the Bubble Session & Pdf
Oracle Insight Follow Up– private 30 mins
AHA SOS call = 20 mins

Total £1115
2 Pay available (2x 575)

Only 10 more places available


I have never done any of this spiritual stuff before, I feel a bit awkward, how can you reassure me?
Don’t worry I will not make you do anything you don’t want to. I have a very practical approach, just keep an open mind and trust in the process.

What if I get embarrassed?
You won’t its all done privately, confidentially, and sensibly. There may be tears, but that is natural.

Will you ask me to hug trees and go vegan?
Most certainly not, we aim to have fun during our transformations and I will not dictate what you must do or eat at any point in the programme

Will it work for me?
Its worked for 100’s of others so I don’t see why not

Who do I do this with?
Just you on the VIP day and a select group of up to 10 other professionals on the training calls, if you want complete anyonymity just watch the recordings

Where are the sessions held?
Virtually on line on a zoom room call

What if I miss any sessions?
They are all recorded

What if I don’t finish over the 6 weeks?
You can watch replays and we can arrange your call at a time to suit

Are you qualified?
Yes most definitely in many holistic techniques (including NLP Master trainer, Mentor, aromatherapy, reiki master and crystals) . I was one of the first ever 30 to qualify as an Energy Alignment Mentor too!

What proof do you have this works? What do other clients say about doing this programme?
Take a look at the testimonials page on my website and you already know my story, it worked for me so it can work for you too.

How do I know you are the right mentor to work with?
Lets have a conversation if you are not convinced from what you have seen and heard. I work with many talented business women and know I can help them in their transformation journey.

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes, if you are not happy with the results after you have completed the programme, let me know we can arrange to review and maybe add another session in

When does this all start?

Starts 11th May
How is this delivered – 4 Live Group Training Sessions – 1x Virtual VIP Personal Day deeper dive – Online Tutorials/ visualisations exercises – recordings will be available of all classes too.
How Many People – 10 maximum
Over what time span 6 weeks –
What does it Cost £1115 (2 pay available)
When does it start May 11th

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