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Destined for Success Club Coming Soon

Re-emergence - Because it's your time NOW

I understand, time is of the essence for you, you don’t have time to join some group programme. You are looking for personal 1-2-1 mentoring and you want it NOW!

Your desires include:

To be a fine authentic Ted Talk Speaker
Being able to focus solely on the content and how to specifically deliver talk
To create an upgraded professional profile from speaking

You want to learn a how to convey your soul led message to a new audience of high quality clients who will pay you well for your wisdom

If this speaks to you, then I offer a 1-2-1 VIP programme entitled 18 Minutes of Magic.

18 minutes of magic prepares you to be Ted Talk Ready

Contact Jacqui TillyardOver our virtual time together we will look at everything you need to address so you can be the best speaker possible for your audience

The Programme is designed to help you:

  • Release any fears associated with speaking in public
  • Be completely confident in communicating your message with clarity
  • Craft your Soul led Story
  • Hone your content to deliver the perfect impact message
  • Understand how to use your voice to best effect
  • Learn how to stand confidently
  • Let go of those annoying speaker habits
  • Engage with your audience and compel them with your words
  • Understand the requirements to be able to be a Ted Talk Speaker
  • Prepare a Ted style Talk so you can speak without notes, and slides and know your stuff
  • I will equip you with the skills and tools to engage, and deliver a soul led message that creates credibility, confidence and soul contract clients for you.
  • Bonuses
    Recording of your speaking
    Expert Interview with you
    Listing in the Speakers Directory

    Contact me for more information and your discovery call 

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