Enough with the buzz words!

Don’tenough with the buzz words Isolate – Retreat and Renew, gather your inner strength

Don’t Pivot – Adapt and Embrace the opportunity

Don’t Lockdown- Connect with loved ones at home

Don’t ever give in – Support and BE Human KIND

Don’t follow the herd – Be you, be discerning, be selective with your media selections, don’t believe all you hear or read!

Don’t Panic – Prepare for and embrace this Big Pause

Find Peace, inner calm, let’s heal, hone and be better people a better recovering World.

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About the Author Jacqui T

Imposter Syndrome Mentor/ Author/ Celebrant

Energy Alignment Expert, Human Design Interpreter, Akashic Record Reader, NLP Master, Holistic Health Wise woman all about Authenticity, Alignment and Abundant Excellence

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