Discover How to stop the self doubt that sabotages your business success

This is the perfect book to stop your inner imposter from messing up your business expansion. Learn the easy 4 key proven steps to:
Regain your natural confidence
Overcome Imposter Syndrome
Re-emerge as the leader you were meant to be.  

Stop pretending and putting off your success
Start taking aligned action to create your desired outcomes

There are just 4 thinhs holding ou

There are just 4 things you need to shift to eradicate that self doubt
Discover what they are in the book


“The techniques in this book are amazing and they work.”

Carli T

“Ask them why they hesitated to sign up (it will show common objections.)”

Claire B


What’s Inside the Book?

Your Energy affects Everything

Your energy is a key part of your results. In this book I will share a simple method to let go of unwanted conditioning, energetic attachments and emotions to enable you to rapidly align to your highest vibrational self in a few minutes.

Your Unique Authenticity Designed

Each of us has a unique programme that allows us to make better decisions, feel at ease with the World and accept ourselves, I will be sharing how to discover your unique design so that you can align to your authentic traits with ease. 

Soul Purpose and Practical Strategy

If you have been getting soul nudges to take action, I will reveal how to step into intuition, soul purpose and a fullfilling business, how to blend woo with everyday practical steps that create results.

About the Author

Jacqui Tillyard

Charismatic, Creative Wise and Talented are just ways clients have describe Author Jacqui Tillyard.
With a wealth of career achievements, Jacqui shares her knowledge about the 4 key stages that have allowed her to create more success in her own business.

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