The Authenticity Audit

  Your personal self discovery map - 

Identify and shift the unconscious energetic resistance and hidden mindset obstacles that are currently disconnecting you from your desire for contribution, connection and expansion in your business

Is this you?

Feel like you have lost touch with the real you?
Wondering if you have wandered off course?
Does something feel like its missing or off centre in your life/business right now and you have hit a dead end where you can’t navigate to get back on track?

Have the past couple of years made you question what you actually stand for; has your search for meaning and motivation deepened?

Looking for answers to get you back on track fast?

You might also have felt

A little hesitant to move forwards right now
Stuck in a rut
Your business has hit a plateau
The old things you once did no longer work

Do you want better quality clients and more expansive business growth but your self-doubt is creating a big obstacle to making any of that happen right now?

Got a great idea but not sure how to best get it out there and create the impact it deserves?

 Want to find some space to step into more of your super powers?

The Authenticitiy Audit will help you:

In just 60 minutes go from feeling lost in the wilderness, to getting back in touch with the real authentic core of you with purpose passion and proper focus

During the Authenticity Audit your will discover:

Recognise when you are acting from a place of disempowerment and shift back to conscious confident alignment

Understand what your natural talents are and how to apply them to your business for next level expansive growth and success that feels totally aligned with who you are and what you desire

Learn a super quick method that will get you out of over thinking and overwhelm and into empowered embodied energy that can step back to create the right results

Reveal the core essence of the Real You

Discover all of this in one virtual session for just £99 -
but hurry, there are only 10 places left for this offer!

About the  Jacqui Tillyard

Imposter Syndrome mentor, Creator of the the Authenticity Audit and Author of Re-emergence

Talented, human dymano, able to multi task with ease. She has a gift to translate the mystery and make sense of it all in a very practical way for you the client

She is intuitive, fun and direct and practical.
Charismatic, engaging and smart, people often comment on her amazing energy and vibrant nature.

Jacqui has a host of experience and expertise in the field of business, sales , holistic health and energy/soul work, she now shares this in her unique way with you    

What Clients have said

Carli T - fitness teacher

So many breakthroughs in our session today, amazing insight
It all starts to make so much sense to me now

Thank you Jacqui

Louise - Therapist

I gained clarity of purpose when you revealed my personal authenticity audit.

I can identify my actual strengths now instead of imagined ones!

Claire - Coach

Such a valuable session and so much information to digest

I can start to recognise where my talents lie now and use more of them in my business