Akashic Record Readings Access the wisdom of your soul

A personal Akashic Record can offer you soul insights direct from your record keepers. Learn what your soul incarnated for in this lifetime

Higher Self Guidance

Ask your Record Keepers

Understand your soul purpose

Insights and answers

Why have an Akashic Record Reading?

The Akashic Records hold wisdom and insight from all time- past, present and future. They can help you to gain clarity and get motivated to take your next best steps.

By accessing your Akashic Records, we will identify and release the non serving karmic energy, programming and attachments that might currently be affecting you. We will then ask for guidance, insight and clues to help you to shift and re-align for success.

What's in a Reading with Jacqui?

This is a focused live 60 or 90 minute session. It is done in a very safe and private space via Zoom. It is designed to get to the root of the problem in your personal or your business’s Akashic Records. It will shift your energy to move forward to your next level success.

What to expect

During our time together I will guide you through a brief relaxation visualisation and with your permission we will then access your records to gain insight from your own Record Keepers.

Shift Karmic Energy

By accessing your Akashic Records, we will identify and release the non serving karmic energy, programming and attachments that might currently be affecting you. We will then ask for guidance, insight and clues to help you to shift and re-align for success.

Ask the Record Keepers

You get to ask your record keepers a specific question, which we will gain information on.

Power Hour

In this power hour expect deep personal and business Akashic Record healing and clarity on what action to take and intuitive guidance on how to do that in a soul aligned way that brings your results quicker.

Feel better 

  • Feel lighter, re-energised and ready to embrace your next level of success
    Release anything that is not serving you at a soul level so you are more in alignment
  • Review your business ideas 

  • With an Akashic Aligned Business Intensive Reading we can delve into your business potential and check on your next best moves in business - marketing, products, pricing, clients, branding, opportunities etc

  • If you are feeling…

    • A bit of an imposter, not good enough, full of self-doubt
    • Tired and exhausted, everything you do feels heavy and too much effort
    • Overwhelmed and unsure of what to focus on next, you seem to be over thinking everything and getting stuck in the process
    • Scared to make any decisions for fear of messing up
    • Frustrated! You know that the breakdown comes before the breakthrough … but it feels like it’s taking too much time!
    • Angry because you seem to struggle when others succeed and you don’t understand why

    An Akashic Record Insight Reading is for you if:

    • You are prepared to look at the areas you would like to change objectively. We can be so attached and caught up in our current stories that we cannot see the soul aligned way forward.
    • You are willing to make the steps to create the change you say you desire in your life. Action is required so that you can experience a new reality. Making new choices may feel risky and uncomfortable… it’s all part of your journey. Remember, you will be held in a sacred space to make this transformation.
    • You can be open and honest with me and yourself. The session will go deep into what is holding you back, it will take courage but it’s the quickest way for your transformation to happen. It is always done from a place of integrity and truth.

    Having a session can help you…

    • Understand where your priorities may lie with the guidance of your Record Keepers
    • Be aware of next best steps or what to be aware of in the coming weeks
    • Gain awareness of any unconscious self-sabotaging patterns and shift them fast
    • Have clarity on your purpose and mission and be able to fully embody it
    • Release the karmic resistance and attachments held in your Akashic Records
    • Feel re-energised and re-vitalised to take new aligned inspired action
    • Have a clear direction to follow after the session

    Why Work with Jacqui?

    I am very experienced in business with both a successful corporate sales career and have run my own business for over 20 years; I am a qualified Business Coach, Energy Alignment Mentor, Reiki Master, NLP Master and have worked in the field of energy alignment, Human Design, business growth and personal development for many years.

    I am a published author, coach, mentor and professional speaker.

    I am a level 3 qualified Soul Journeys Akashic Records Consultants to my already wide expertise.

    I am wise, witty, and intuitive. I get to the heart of the matter that needs sorting fast, most clients also say I am friendly and great fun to work with too.

    I work mainly with career women and business owners who have hit a plateau in business because their inner imposter is raging out of control and playing havoc with their confidence when it comes to taking their business to the next level. I work to shift their courage, confidence and credibility to the next level and enable them to transform into authentic, aligned business owners who attract their ideal clients with ease and grace.

     Know that you are in very safe, capable and experienced hands when you work with me.    


    Amazing! So helpful

    This was an amazingly accurate reading. I was able to make the right decision for my next step in business with this reading

    Emma T - Sports Coach

    Can't believe how accurate the insights were

    How did you know I was creating a new course? The record keepers knew exactly how to guide me towards creating my course. WoW blown away

    RJ - Holistic Healer

    You won't believe what happened after my reading

    You said watch the numbers at work and you were right, within two days of the reading I had to question my pay check

    Karen S - Chauffeur

    Choose 60 or 90 minutes of magic

    An akashic record reading with Jacqui starts from just £99



    60 minutes to ask your main 3 questions from the record keepers on your life

    Upgrade to an Aligned Akashic
    Business intensive session



    Spend 90 minutes specifically exploring the possibilitieis for your business, marketing, ideas, sales, clients, the next best steps for the coming few months

    What my Client says

    Brilliant Channel, Jacqui pinpoints the important pieces

    Immediately I was put at ease, loads of information I wouldn't have even considered, amazing sources of guidance. thank you

    Marina Beech