About Jacqui Tillyard -
Energy Alignment Ninja and Imposter Syndrome Mentor & Speaker

My Story

Jacqui Tillyard - Soul Led Speaker Mentor


Soulfully and Professionally Qualified

I’ve got a pretty diverse background but as I look back across my career, it just seems to evolve utilising the learned skills and natural talents I have honed over the years. Each shift I have made has not only allowed me more confidence but given me clarity that I am on soul purpose with the work I do.
The one thing that is a constant theme is that of being able to connect to my inner trust and communicate clearly so I share my wisdom and truth to inspire others.


Then the magic started to happen.

I have always invested in developing my career skills  From successful award winning sales manager to independent Celebrant, being a coach, mentor, NLP Master Trainer, Reiki Master, Holistic Practitioner and business advisor. I have spent hours and lots of money gaining valuable insight and mentoring from experts in their field. I am an accomplished presenter, speaker and writer. I am a ninja when it comes to sorting out energy, mindset, holistics process and business growth.
I have developed my own knowledge and knowing  to create my mentoring business. It has all been invaluable.

Expertise and Experience

 I have spoken at many events to 1000’s of people and been featured on local BBC radio and TV.

I’ve co-authored a book – Grow Your Own Networks. I’ve assisted 1000s of business owners to improve their business and their mindset.

From my background as a successful award winning corporate sales manager. I fully understand the need to communicate your message fast, At times that was stressful, as I pushed to be a rare woman in a mans world, yes that crazy patriarchal system, which I believe is currently falling apart!.
Somehow I still won using my feminine intuition and presence. Although there were times when I got caught up in the fake ego driven environment and it made me feel like an imposter, self doubting and looking for a new challenge.
The thing that got me through the toughest of times – finding that inner spark of certainty, being bold enought to speak up, stand on stage despite the nerves and anxiey, that’s why I offer Soul Led Alignment mentoring to clients now.

My mission now to wake up career women leaders to embrace their authentic energy and own their talents and genius. I want them to come forward  and be catalysts in creating the new 5D paradigm in an evolving business World. It’s not always an easy journey, that’s where you need confidence to speak up with your truth, My mentoring can help you to get through the shift.

Most people describe me as wise, inspiring, intuitive, witty and charismatic, I am also very focused I have a fantastic reputation for energetically aligning clients, removing their fears. They discover and embrace their soul led message. They have finally addressed the inner and outer work required to shift.

In my work As a Celebrant , I often speak in the most emotional situation – a funeral, where grief is strong, I craft and tell the eulogy often its a tale of a life of regret. So I encourage my clients to learn how to deliver and be that soul led speaker Connect fully with their authentic purposeful message and do all the things they desire, I really don’t want to be the one to write their eulogy of regret!”

There was once a survey done that found Death Came 1st where people said they would rather be in the coffin than speak next to it, so I guess I am rare! If you are fearful of speaking to your audience I can help you overcome those irrational thoughts and emotions that might be stopping you, I don’t want you to be one of those laying down instead of speaking!

   My Ethos
  Align First, Trust, Believe, Create Magic and Miracles, Choose
  be open to opportunity, Tell your Truth Tale

  Encourage clients to embrace their inner intuitive guidance and step      out of ‘the conforming norm’.

  Get into soul flow by shifting your resistance. 

  Align to fun, high vibe activity and success.

  Communicate with confidence, certainty and clout

  Engage with and hire a great specialist mentor to support you

  It’s your turn to get illuminated and be brilliant!

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Feedback & Reviews

Just a few of the happy clients i have worked with, don’t take my word for my work, look at what they have to say

“I highly recommend Jacqui. Her expertise and speed at which she susses out the issue is amazing. She diffuses an issue which felt huge, and assists with its release very quickly. Thank you for your help Jacqui, it’s life changing.”

Sally Peace

Business owner

Jane Bridgman

Coo – Medical researcher

“‘I have been working with Jacqui for a few months now and I feel that my whole life has been changing for the better. she is very knowledgeable and extremely approachable  She radiates warmth & wisdom and truly knows how to hold space for me in a positive and empowering way. I have been able to take action and control of areas of my life that i felt were spiralling .
 A wonderful mentor who really knows her stuff. If you want to take positive action and start changing your life then this beautiful soul comes highly recommended’

Fiona Skyiotis

Project Manager

What Can I Do for You?

Here are the ways I can help you 

 My 5 zones of genius:

  • Release your Energetic Resistance 

    Imposter Syndrome, Self Doubt, Grief/Fear/Stress/Anxiety/Worry

  • Align you to tell your authentic ‘Truth & Talent’

  • Elevate your Mindset & Motivation

  • Discover your Soul Design Code

  • Enable you to identify and communicate your authentic value with honesty, impact and integrity

I offer virtual VIP Mentoring Experiences  and training programmes to women worldwide who want to overcome their feelings of self doubt at work, the imposter syndrome that holds them back, and prevent them from hitting the crash and burn energetic avalanche which creates havoc in their ability and wellbeing
I instill high levels of certainty, confidence and credibility with each client.
This is an ever changing World I want you to make the right impact with your words deeds and heart led intentions. 

I’ve worked with 1000’s of female business owners and entrepreneurs who:

  • Previously doubted their ability
  • lost their mojo
  • Want to change ‘the norm’
  • Want to tell their story – the crisis point in their life that was a turning point
  • Got fed up competing, striving, struggling and pushing
  • Kept asking themselves ‘is this it?’
    “There has to be more to life than this?”
  • Wanted guidance to be able to present their message with clairity and confidence
  • Desired to speak soul-led truth and purpose
  • Wanted to find that more meaningful message and speak it with ease, grace and authenticity

Need to act?

I offer a 1 hour discovery session where I will be able to help you to make a major shift in that one thing that is keeping you stuck, in fear or stressing you out.
It’s £275 for one hour via video link – You, Me, Focus and Result in that hour.